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She records under the aliases Katherine Ellis, Kathy Wood, Arrola and K. Ellis and her maiden name Katherine Wood (Ellis is her married name, and she is mother to two sons). She has no connection with vocalist Katherine E, even though some bios and websites have mistaken the two artists as being the same person because of the similar sounding name. Ellis has been a vocalist since the age of 15, performing lead and backing vocals. Her touring credits include that of working with the likes of Belinda Carlisle, Chaka Khan, Boy George and Roger Sanchez. She has recorded with a variety of prominent names in dance music including Freemasons, The Soul Avengerz, Dave Lee (in all his guises) and Sanchez, and on a more underground tip, collaborations with Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, Lee Coombs and Tom Stephan. From 1997 to 2000, Ellis was the vocalist for The Ruff Driverz, singing "Deeper Love," "Don’t Stop," "Shame," and the international smash hit "Dreaming" (for which she also wrote the Spanish topline for under the credited alias name "Arrola"). In 2008, Ellis's releases include ‘When You Touch Me’ with Freemasons (Loaded), ‘Ain't Nothin' Goin’ On But The Rent’ with 7th Heaven (Hard2Beat), ‘Poza (Got What I Need)’ with Countparis (Eyezcream), ‘Do It’ with DJ Prom (GFab), ‘Gotta Get Through’ with Paul Emanuel & Gav McCall (Born to Dance), and ‘One Luv’ with The Soul Avengerz (Milk & Sugar/One Love Recordings) as well as ‘Laisser Toucher’ with Cerrone (Maligator Productions) which is featured in the French movie Disco!. Ellis is also a member of the band Bimbo Jones, who are signed to Tommy Boy Records. Their debut album is due out later this year preceded by the release of their single ‘And I Try’. Aside from her music career, Ellis has also done television commercial work and can currently be heard as the vocalist on the Gaviscon "What A Feelin'" advert in the UK.

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